five minutes of imaginative phone fiction

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About PhoneArt

PhoneArt is a five-minute phone call between you and a live performer. Together, you co-create a fictional conversation inspired by the artwork in front of you.

Cost: Free

Age: 18+

If your PhoneArt conversation starts to go someplace you’d rather it didn’t, say “New direction.” and the topic will change. You can also end the phone call at any time. To share thoughts or concerns, contact

By participating in PhoneArt, you agree to make a call. Message and data rates may apply.

How it works

Place the call.

Click the button below and tap the phone number that appears on your phone.

Become a character.

You'll be addressed by a name that is not your own because you're playing as a character, not yourself.

Make stuff up.

Feel free to make up things up and take the conversation wherever you'd like it to go, Whatever you talk about, everything is treated as fiction.

Ready to play?

Press this button to make the call.

Frequently Asked Questions

PhoneArt is an interactive performance experience in which you play as a co-creator.

PhoneArt is an opportunity to appreciate art while engaging in imaginative fictional play.

PhoneArt is a project of the Interactive PlayLab, an organization pioneering research, development, and education in the field of interactive performance. Learn more at

Interactive performance is any experience where audience members become co-creators of the story.

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