Interactive Deep Dive

Deep Dive Team

August 2017 – April 2018
Training Intensive
9 Participants – Austin, Texas

The Interactive Deep Dive was a 9-month laboratory that brought together 9 next-generation leaders in the field of applied interactive story and performance. Programming included training, workshops, playtests, industry meetups, and culminated with a showcase project presented during South By Southwest.

The Deep Dive Team

Bejamin Nathan-Serio

Carlo D'Amore

Christy Casey

Joanna Harmon

Kevin Percival

Matson Duncan

Olivia Jimenez

Paige Keane

Tessa Goodnight

Photos: Bill Ledbetter Jr.,

The Deep Dive Projects

These are the projects that were created during the Interactive Deep Dive.

Long Lost Family

Long Lost Family

August 2017

Deep Connections

Two family members who have never met get together to share a meal, the only thing is...they're not really family.


September 2017

Cinematic worlds

A single participant steps into a box of spontaneous story where the only limits are those of imagination.
Digital Puppeteering

Digital Puppeteering

December 2017

Multiple roles

Participants engage with a virtual room full of digital characters, all being brought to life by one performer.
The Poker Project

The Poker Project

November 2017

Playing the game

A group of friends get together for a friendly game of poker, but the stakes are higher than anyone realizes.
Serious Make-Believe

Serious Make-Believe

November 2017

Play for grown-ups

5 minutes of serious play for people old enough to know better
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March 2018

Parallel worlds

During SXSW, two participants lived in an immersive story of parallel worlds, not realizing the other wasn't an actor.

The Deep Dive Director

Jeff Wirth

Jeff Wirth conceived and directed the Interactive Deep Dive. As the Director of the Interactive PlayLab, Jeff conducts training, research, and prototype development in the field of interactive performance. Jeff’s clients have included Cirque du Soleil, Blue Man Group, and Disney Imagineering. He authored the book, Interactive Acting, and has written and directed over 100 interactive narrative experiences. Jeff served as the Director of the Interactive Performance Lab at the University of Central Florida for 10 years; his eclectic background also includes ballroom dancing, computer programming, and clowning for the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus.

The Deep Dive Sponsors

Imagine Art

Imagine Art generously donated the studio space that became the research laboratory for the Interactive Deep Dive. Established in 1996, Imagine Art is creative incubator where artists gather for art-making and exhibition. Every week, more than 65 artists engage, accessing 10,000 square feet of studios and galleries, creating a diverse and inclusive culture where artists thrive. Imagine Art is a place where every life is a work of art. Learn more at

Yellow Bike Project logo

Austin Yellow Bike Project provided bicycles for the Deep Dive team’s transportation. At the end of the Deep Dive, these bikes were returned for others to use. Yellow Bike Project is a volunteer-powered initiative to put bicycles on the streets of Austin and Central Texas by operating community bike shops, teaching bike mechanics and maintenance, and acting as a local bike advocacy group. Learn more at

The Deep Dive Creative Partners

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema
ASU Center for Science and the Imagination
Creative Partner - Eploratorium
Creative Partner - FIEA
The Go Game
Hideout Theatre
Creative Partner - Man Made Music and Ecco VR
Creative Partner - Remniscent

The Deep Dive Advisory Board

Dr. Stephen Fiore

Cognitive Sciences Laboratory, University of Central Florida

Dr Thalia Goldstein

Dr. Thalia Goldstein

Assistant Professor of Applied Developmental Psychology, George Mason University

Dr. Kate Ingraham

Dr. Kate Ingraham

Director of Educational / Training Programs for TLE TeachLivE, University of Central Florida

Dr Jacquelyn Ford Morie

Founder, Chief Scientist, All These Worlds, LLC

Gregory Panos

Gregory Panos

Founder, Personal Foundation

Lance Weiler

Founder/Director, Digital Storytelling Lab, Columbia University

Interactive Deep Dive