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    Benjamin is passionate about communication. His conduit towards exploring that passion has always been performance. Contemporary community repertoire, musical and murder mystery theater laid the corner stone of his performance beginnings. He forged his credentials as a professional of the craft focusing on street theater, drama therapy (theater of the oppressed) and the avant garde in his university years graduating from CUNY’s Hunter in 2004.

    In 2006 he voyaged beyond New York City, and discovered a bohemian jewel of the Mediterranean; Barcelona, where in the space of 3 years he crossed countless stages across Spain with a pedagogic theater company.

    In 2008 he set out on his own and began a successful career as an expatriated, freelance actor in a country where less then 8% of actors make a living wage from their craft. Today he can be found working in TV, film, voice, corporate events and his own theatrical endeavors.

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