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In August of 2017, something magical is happening in Austin, Texas.

The Interactive Deep Dive brings together a team of 10 interactive experience designers for a 9-month intensive creative lab exploring new applications of interactive story. The team creates monthly Community Outreach Interactive performances custom-designed for specific communities (e.g. women's shelters, civic organizations, underrepresented populations, etc.)  experiences, hosts bi-monthly Industry Meetups, Research briefings for leaders in the fields of virtual reality, education, hospitality, healthcare, simulation, training, digital gaming, and immersive entertainment and culminates with a National Showcase A performance synthesizing live and digital interactive performance presented at a major national festival presentation.

Become a Housing Sponsor

Here’s what’s in it for you.


Gain exclusive access to participate in creativity workshops just for sponsors.


Find yourself with a little extra cash sitting in your pocket each month.

VIP Perks
VIP Perks

Receive advance VIP reservations for Deep Dive playtests, previews, and shows.


Nominate your favorite organization to receive a Deep Dive interactive outreach experience.

Top 5 reasons to become a housing sponsor

5. I want to support a project that strengthens and connects the Austin community.
4. I believe in helping people who are working to make the world better.
3. I have an extra room in my home and could use some extra cash.
2. I enjoy having creative, playful, and visionary people in my life.
1. I want to help make someone’s dream become a reality.

About being a Housing Sponsor

Our Deep Dive team members are friendly, quiet, clean, and thoughtful. To match you with the ideal team member, you’ll have an online interview with your potential house guest. When a good match is found, your house guest commits to the “house rules” that you establish. Here’s what you provide as a Housing Sponsor.



  • Bedroom – a private bedroom where the team member can sleep, relax, and rejuvenate. If they listen to music or watch videos, they’ll use headphones.
  • Kitchen access – a place for the team member to store food and do a little cooking. Our team cover the cost of their own meals and always leave the kitchen clean.
  • Bathroom access – a shared bathroom is fine. The team member will work around your schedule and keep the bathroom clean, with no hair in the drain, and the toilet seat down.
  • Available – August 2017 through April 2018

Become a Housing Sponsor

The Deep Dive Team

  • Benjamin Nathan Serio Deep Dive Team

    a freelance actor-voice artist and the founder of MAD Improv, Madrid’s only English Improv troupe.

  • Carlo D’Amore Deep Dive Team

    an award-winning actor, Drama Desk nominated director – interested in pushing boundaries of what live entertainment can be

  • Christy Casey Deep Dive team

    a performer and producer developing audience experiences that balance social issues with commercial appeal

  • Joanna Harmon Deep Dive Team

    a producer, director, actor whose aesthetic blends theater and dance, narrative and lyricism

  • Kevin Percival Deep Dive Team

    a performer, writer, and arts educator with a focus on alt-abled communities

  • Matson Duncan Deep Dive Team

    a cultural leadership consultant and performer utilizing elements of music and theater for storytelling that engage the audience

  • Olivia Jimenez Deep Dive Team

    a theater-maker, an educator, a community activist, and a student and teacher of yoga

  • Paige Keane Deep Dive Team

    an actor, writer, mover, ESL teacher, language enthusiast – interested in bridging the gap between audience and actors

  • Tessa Goodnight Deep Dive Team

    an interactive performer developing theatre experiences that allow participants to engage in self-exploration

Housing Sponsor FAQ

The mission of the Deep Dive is

  • to launch 10 next-generation leaders in the field of applied interactive performance
  • to grow the understanding of applied interactive story in the world at large
  • to contribute joy, creativity, and community connection to the city of Austin.

Housing Sponsorship lasts for 9 months, from August 2017 through April 2018. We are looking for sponsors who can offer a room for the full 9 months, however, if you can offer only a few months, that still may prove helpful.

No. Our studio space is in East Austin, but housing can be anyplace in the city.

Each Deep Dive team member needs a private bedroom with bathroom and kitchen privileges.

The Deep Dive team are fun, creative, multi-disciplinary artists, committed to developing new ways to transform the world through applied interactive story. As house guests, team members are also friendly, clean, quiet, and considerate. To assure a good housing match, we set up online get-to-know-you interviews. When you make your decision, your new house guest signs a “House Rules” agreement that you can tailor to your needs.

You receive $1,000 for being a Housing Sponsor, however, we hope that you share our vision of this as more than a financial proposition. This an an opportunity to help bring joy, creativity, and community connection to Austin in a new and exciting way.

As a Housing Sponsor, you’re also eligible to

  • participate in creative workshops offered by the team
  • receive advance VIP reservations for Deep Dive playtests, previews, and shows
  • nominate deserving organizations for Deep Dive Community Outreach programs

No one. All members of the Deep Dive team cover their own living expenses and pay no tuition to participate the Deep Dive. The beneficiaries of this project are the Austin community and the Deep Dive team, who all receive the benefits of the Deep Dive free of charge.

Your housing sponsorship helps make this possible!

Jeff Wirth

Jeff Wirth directs the Interactive Deep Dive.  He is the Director of the Interactive PlayLab in New York City, where he conducts training, research, and prototype development in the field of interactive performance.  Prior to that, Jeff served on the faculty of the University of Central Florida where he founded and ran the Interactive Performance Lab for 10 years. He authored the book, Interactive Acting, has written and directed over 100 interactive experiences, and consulted for clients that include Cirque du Soleil, Blue Man Group, and Disney Imagineering.  His eclectic background also includes ballroom dancing, computer programming, and clowning for the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus.

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