Digital Puppeteering

December 12-14, 2017
9 participants – Austin, Texas

From Tuesday, December 12th, to Thursday, December 14th, Deep Dive Austin hosted a three-day exploration of interactive performance in digital worlds. Kate Ingraham, Director of Educational/Training Programs for TLE TeachLivE, and Kenneth Ingraham, President of Interactor Simulation Systems, joined the team to share their expertise in simulation design and digital puppeteering. Participants joined us in discovering how interactive techniques can make digital puppeteering feel more alive and emotionally impactful.

If you create video games, virtual reality, or simulations, or if you have an interest in the future of interactive media, we want you to be a part of this exploration. Guests will have the opportunity to experience digital puppeteering technology and may even have a chance to play in an interactive story.

This project is a playtest developed by the Interactive Deep Dive.

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