Interactive Deep Dive

A pop-up research lab

for next-gen leaders

of applied interactive story

The Interactive Deep Dive brings together a team of 10 artist/researchers in Austin, Texas from August 2017 through April 2018 to conduct training, research, and development in the field of interactive story. Programming includes monthly playtests, bi-monthly industry meetups, and culminates with a national showcase.

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Connect your organization with the outreach programs and playtests of the Deep Dive.
Become a community partner and give your organization the opportunity to participate in the outreach programming of the Interactive Deep Dive.
Apply to become a part of the Artist/Research team of the Interactive Deep Dive.
Applications are now being accepted for positions on the artist/research team for the Interactive Deep Dive.
Acquire the inside track on cutting-edge discoveries about applied interactive story.
Help set the research agenda for the Deep Dive team, and see interactive story content developed for your applications and technologies.

Deep Dive Programs


Selected through a national application process, the Deep Dive artist/research team trains, conducts research, teaches workshops, designs playtests, and presents the final showcase performance.


Monthly interactive playtest experiences are custom-designed for community groups in Austin parks, conference rooms, classrooms, rooftops, basements, galleries, and theatres.


The Deep Dive artist/research team leads workshops for schools, businesses, and community groups throughout Austin, sharing interactive skills relevant to the participants’ special interests.


Industry leaders with a vested interest in interactive story meet with the Deep Dive artist/research team to learn about discoveries made, and to propose future avenues of exploration.


The Interactive Deep Dive culminates with a presentation at a major national festival, showcasing the integration of interactive story, performance, and technology.

Deep Dive Director

Jeff WirthJeff Wirth directs the Interactive Deep Dive.  He is the Director of the Interactive PlayLab in New York City, where he conducts training, research, and prototype development in the field of interactive performance.  Jeff’s clients have included Cirque du Soleil, Blue Man Group, and Disney Imagineering.  He authored the book, Interactive Acting, and has written and directed over 100 interactive narrative experiences.  Jeff served as the Director of the Interactive Performance Lab at the University of Central Florida for 10 years; his eclectic background also includes ballroom dancing, computer programming, and clowning for the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus.

Deep Dive Studio Sponsor

Imagine Art logo

Imagine Art has generously donated the studio space that becomes the working research laboratory for the Interactive Deep Dive. Established in 1996, Imagine Art is creative incubator where artists gather for art-making and exhibition. Every week, more than 65 artists engage, accessing 10,000 square feet of studios and galleries, creating a diverse and inclusive culture where artists thrive. Imagine Art is a place where every life is a work of art. 

Deep Dive Advisory Board

The curriculum for the Interactive Deep Dive is designed with the advice and input of national leaders from across a spectrum of disciplines.

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